[BUGS] - Invisible Packim and Nessie, Packim stops moving

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Utopian    0

Packim in “stealth” mode. Changing camera angle sometimes fixes this.  

Packim also fails to move with the character properly and will stop moving altogether sometimes resulting in a dead Packim.

Nessie also shares similar problems as Packim, which leads to seemingly random hits at sea when at low sanity.40F09181-FA04-47BC-8A47-1ACF7881704B.thumb.png.ee94fd1fdd8d675feaadb5b8e9cbfc59.png

iOS 12, 9.5” iPad Pro

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jessicle    1
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I have the same problem on iOS. I just started playing again and updated Shipwrecked PE to Home Sea Home. Packim is now invisible most of the time. I can see his map icon, shadow and label, but not him. He randomly becomes visible, but disappears again soon thereafter. I cannot access storage when he is invisible. In saved games pre-update where there was previously, I now have the same problem. This is in a customised world.

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