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A duplicant's Sacred Dream

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Everyone have a dream. And some small features that may be unnoticeable for others, but significant for us.

Watching an errupting volcano, venturing into space, or just wake up every morning in a green bright room with a cute grossy drecko wandering over your blanket.


After a hundred cycles dups became very close to me, they start to have own history of adventures and I wish every duplicant have a ones own sacred dream, so one cycle I could make it true.


I suggest to implement special mid-game/late-game morale feature.

A sacred dream - individual wish for every duplicant. If fulfilled, it increases morale.


It may be implemented in several independent parts

- unique room to live every day (checked every cycle)

- experiencing a significant adventure (slight permanent bonus)

- to master a profession of a dream (slight permanent bonus)


Criteria for a room may be follow:

- specific size: a dream for a mansion (more then X) or cosy hut (less then X)

- specific decoration

-- a number of plants

-- certain collection of plants

-- a number of sculptures/paints

-- certain art object

- living with a certain critter

- specific machinery (though it may break room specification)


Significant adventures - something once-in-a-lifetime

- seeing an eruption of a certain geyser

- seeing stars through telescope

- venturing into space


Profession of a dream

- probably a top-tier profession that duplicant initialy love


Thanks for your reading :)

Thanks for the game :)

Love your efforts :)

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