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1. While using a virtual joystick no other buttons are working. E.g. moving character and pressing grab button on the right does not work.

2. Sometimes character keeps moving while virtual joystick is not active. I guess it needs something like a dead zone.


you can make an option to make a virtual joystick invisible and usable on any part of the screen like in other mobile games. I.e. if a player starts dragging in the direction on any screen position, the character starts moving and virtual joystick is active, when player realeases the finger virtual joystick is disabled. This will make the game more enjoyable on a mobile screen. Currently virtual joystick is suboptimal, I would rather play with point and tap which is kinda tedious, but still better than current implementation of the virtual joystick :)

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Hi there. I'd like to add that sometimes joystik really annoyes me. I have noticed that somitimes when i use the joystick to move, the game can interact with trees/flowers/etc behind the joystick so character just saying about trees and flowers and it makes impossible to run away even from spiders. I really like PC version of the game and i find it cool to have on ipad but joystick upsets me :(

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