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QOL Hatch Critter Automated* Stable

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How it works:

1. Critter sensor in stable (set to 8) gets activated when any of the 8 hatches in the stable lays an egg (as population in stable is now 9). The eggs gets swept to the dropper.

2. The dropper then drops the egg (filters set to 0.1), to the breeding room below. Autosweepers then incubate the egg till they hatch (can be regulated by clock sensor)

3. Excess or improper hatches (proper number and type of hatch is set by critter drop off in breeding room) are then sent to a critter drop off point (drop-off point in butchery set to 8, drop off in breeding room set to 7 to enable transfer priorities) in the butchery (drowning area) or to the main stable (drop off point is set to 9, maximum critter set to 8) to replenish dead (due to age) hatches

4. Replenishment of dead hatches in stable will place the population back to max number of 8 hatches, and will cause the door above the autosweeper in the main stable to open and allow the autosweeper to ship eggs to the conveyer loader repeating the process.

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