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first let me thank you for this great game! I just started a few days ago and have already 42Hours played...more than most triple AAA single player games.

I´ve read about the new patch but wasn´t able to play yet, for some reason i wanted to write here before playing again ;=) Sorry if something on my "list" is already "fixed"

There should be more Ingame Help. My first Game i lost because of Slimelung...but noone told me! :D The second was a lose because all my plants died to Temprature...noone told me again! Yes, you can count 1 and 1 together and you will get it but i think it would be more fun if new players could avoid to restart if you get a warning if you first entcounter slimelung or heat above 50C or something.

Maybe even a fixed seed for the first game? Im at my third game and going still strong at cycle 280...have several useful geysers,2 "brain-maschines", 2 anti-entropy things (still need to figure out what they do...dont spoil pls :D) and TOO much water...it feels like easy mode compared to my other 2 games...

Dont get me wrong, i love the game as it is but i think new players would have more fun with a little more warning.

Btw, im probably stupid but took me hours to find out how to make steel..... stupid eggs... ;)

The only major(rish) BUG i´ve entcountered is when you build a ladder up or down sometimes something gets stuck on the template and the dupes cant build it...but you know that already since it happens every 10mins... ^^ Sometimes Dupes just frezze or are trapped in a loop but restart or simply command them to move did fix them... maybe helpful? :D


Enough writing, need to build my first rocket!



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