Skipping worlds in adventure mode

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I was playing adventure mode in RoG (I was on the fourth world), and I collected all four things, plus I found the wooden thing. I placed everything on the wooden thing, and selected my items that I wished to take into the next world (darkness). I activated the machine, and confirmed that I wanted to go to the next world, and after that the box with my items appeared again, so I pressed activate again. I did this 3 times in the span of maybe 20 seconds, when I decided to stop. It skipped right into the last chapter “checkmate”.

I looked this up, and it seems to have been a known patched glitch around 4-5 years ago. Idk if anything should be done about it.

I am on an iPad mini 2, and have no screenshots/videos of the event. I’ll try to post one sometime soon, but I currently have to go for now.

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