Piggie Tribe Wars

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[Dramatic Movie Trailer Voice]

In a world, where pigmen live together, cramped in a tiny spot suitable for life on their unforgiving planet, pigmen fight each other to survive. The three thriving tribes fight an endless war where only one can survive. THIS...is their story

There were three main tribes of the pugnacious Pigs. One of those tribes, Wilson destroyed forever with his extreme combat skills, and then smashing their houses so that tribe could not repopulate, leaving nothing but ashes and dust behind. The remaining two tribes, Wilson had decided to leave alone. But, about 100 days later, Wilson went and got some Frog Legs to train some military pigs, and he ordered them to attack the first tribe. The WHOLE tribe retaliated against Wilson's 3 military pigs, beating them down and eating their skin. Then, Wilson noticed that the pigs from the second tribe were coming to fight a war against the first tribe! It was a brutal, evenly matched war. Wilson decided to side with the second tribe because his attacks against the first was not going to be forgotten easily. They fought and fought, even throughout the day and night. After two brutal days and nights, both the tribes had agreed to a treaty and just walked away, leaving the first tribe scarred forever, and the second tribe brutally beaten and smashed. To this day, they still live in the same area, and also continue the endless fight between each other. Neither side ever emerged victorious. This... Is...


[/Dramatic Movie Trailer Voice]

If you didn't understand what happened to me by reading the epic movie trailer in text form, then here's the super boring, non-exciting and extremely short version of what happened:

Pigs from different "tribes" will fight each other if they are close enough, and if they hit another pig. You can just tame one pig, go into the middle of two pig tribes, and attack one of them. Once your pig gets hit, the other tribe will act as if they hit a member of their tribe, and they will go berserk.

It's a very easy way to obtain meat without krampus coming for you, but of course, if you don't have two tribes near each other you can just tame pigs and force them to kill each other.

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