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Mini-tweaks on carpet tile and mouldings

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Firstly I have to say I absoluetely love these two new tiles.

I wish the mouldings would be technically one layer further in the background allowing to place different buildings on top of them like paintings, hanging flower pots, tall buildings, ceiling lights and so on. But visually it could be interesting to have them on the first layer covering other buildings and thus creating the illusion of a 3rd dimension.

Anyway, my main concern is the carpet tile: I think the carpet idea of a floor item which raises decor would greatly increase if it would not be an own tile but instead something like mouldings are for the ceiling... but for the floor. A decor item placed on top of tiles, spreading decor but it does not block any other buildings (like mouldings currently do >_> )
As a bonus we could keep the stats the tile underneath offers like runspeed, insulation or whatever. Carpets become a direct upgrade to tiles and you could build on that for future updates, giving more options than only decor.

And another wish, just because it went a few seconds ago through my mind: Decorative door. We got a "door" which does nothing but create rooms (engine-wise) and two kind of air-locks.

Maybe a "wooden" door which gives decor and blocks sight but not gas/liquid flow. And a glass door, which gives a decor bonus and does not block sight.

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