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Mandrake Character

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Since the Hamlet expansion adds Elder Mandrakes, I think that now is the right time to implement a Mandrake Character. This character would have a variety of perks including:

  • "Despises Meat": Only being able to eat veggie stuff (Fruit, vegetables, Honey, etc.), very similar to Wigfrids downside which only let's her eat meat. This will make mid-game quite interesting because there's no way to rely on Meatballs, Big veggie farms will be a must.
  • "Is very friendly":  Killing passive and neutral creatures will add more points to your naughtiness level, which means that Krampus will spawn way more frequently..
  • "Afraid of fire": More fire damage will be taken and sanity will be drained when close to a fire pit.
  • While it's raining, he/she will have a higher base speed and will regenerate a small amount of health overtime
  • Elder mandrakes will always be neutral towards this character, also being able to befriend them to do several tasks. (Maybe even let him build Elder Mandrake houses?)

I think these perks/downsides would impact the way you play quite a bit, you won't be relying on meat anymore and you have to find the right balance between standing in the dark or near a fire.


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