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Constant disconnects and inability to play on public servers

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So I've had this issue for a couple days now. I own DST for around 3 weeks at this point, and the first 2 weeks were all fine and dandy. The issue started on last weekend and persists up until today - disconnects happening after barely a couple minutes of playing the game. I'd like to point out that I played the Forge without any issues whatsoever, it only happened on dedicated servers, even if their latency was pretty low (60-100). 

I've tried multiple different things - reinstalling the game, verifying file integrity, checking if DST is added as an exception in the firewall, scanning my PC with an anti malware software, with no avail.

I'd like to point out the issue isn't with my internet so please refrain from posting things like "get a better internet, it's surely on your ISP's end" blah, blah. I possess a stable 150mb/s internet connection, and as I said, it's only happening for the last couple of days.

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