Klei Fest Is Coming Next Week!

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Hey Everybody!

Klei Fest is Coming June 2nd!

Last year we introduced Klei Fest to take place during our annual Klei Publisher sale. During Klei Fest, we will have a burst of content, items, events, sales, and interesting things happening for all things Klei! 

HL_Steam_EventCover_CN (0-00-00-00).png

Hot Lava: Say hello to two new characters: T. Rex and Venomess - two rocking reptilian members of Mutant Mayhem! A brand new Klei Created map, Rocco’s Arcade is a hotbed of hopping set in a retro-arcade pizza place. Of course with a new map and characters we have two new courses, and plenty of new collectables and accessories!


Oxygen Not Included: Our new content pack called "Fast Friends" includes some big performance boosts in both the base game and Spaced Out! DLC. We also have four new Duplicants, four new critter morphs and a dozen brand new Duplicant outfits craftable at the Clothing Refashionator building.


Don't Starve Together: The enigmatic Corvus Goodfeather returns with a bunch of new prizes and three new games during the Midsummer Cawnival!


New Twitch Drop Campaign: We will begin a new twitch Drop Campaign for the Rusty Anchor starting June 2nd. Streamers that will have drops available can be found in the spoiler below. 



And more!! We will also have some big announcements that you definitely don't want to miss, a few in fact.

See you next week!