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No save data EULA glitch

just val
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All save data removed and unable to save any new data. Always thinks I'm about to make my first world. For all context: I had recently made and connected a Klei account for the 10 years rewards and suddenly whilst playing in one of my worlds I got an Xbox notification saying I was out of space for save data. So I went and deleted the save data for other older games; NOT DST, and then went back onto dst. Quick resume was active at the time. I am on Xbox Series X. Please fix this, Don't Starve Together is my favourite game and I would Love to be able to play it. Thank you

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I have no idea

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It happened again.

So I deleted my save data to be able to play again. It worked. But now the glitch has happened again. This is awful. All I want to do is play my favourite game and I simply can't do that anymore. I don't want to play anymore because what is the point if I'm just going to lose it all.



I just closed and reopened the game and my data is back!? I don't know how.

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