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Holy Christ

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Looking through this forum drains absolutely any hope I have of me getting the bug I just found fixed. You guys have barely resolved a quarter of these problems, in fact you have ignored bug reports going THREE YEARS BACK. This is literally a 2D game, how dysfunctional can it be????


Anyhow I can't buy chests of bolts of cloth, the menu is empty with text that reads "There are currently no chests for sale that match your filter criteria". I uninstalled the game, restarted my Xbox, reinstalled, restarted the game, tried a different account, tried accessing it from being redirected from pack purchases, unplugged my Xbox, etc.

Once again, going through the forums I see in the scant few bug reports you actually responded to you said to go talk to the people at Xbox about it. And, once again, this is not Xbox's fault. If you see all of the complaints it is clearly on your end. I mean, look at literally any other competent indie game. They just put their micro-transactions/in-game currencies on the Xbox marketplace to mitigate purchasing issues. Simple as that. 


And don't try and save face by deleting this, just swallow your pride and actually resolve the issues that are rampant on this forum, then we will give you the money and respect you deserve.

Steps to Reproduce
Selected Chest of 5500 Bolts of Cloth, was at the Xbox confirm purchase menus, controller died. The menu asking me to reconnect my controller wouldn't go away when I pressed the button it asked me to press. I restarted the game. Then the bug happened.

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