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Game jumps past one option whenever choosing world game mode and forest presets.

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When choosing the game mode in world settings the game will jump past the wilderness option. This also occurs on the forest presets. The forest presets can be manipulated by going back and forth a few times to access the desired setting. The wilderness game mode remains unusable due to there only being three options and wilderness being the center option. This has been tested on multiple controllers with similar results. 



Steps to Reproduce

First Open world settings and move to either the game mode options or the forest presets. 

Now use right joystick to scroll through options on either game mode or forest presets. 

Watch as one option is skipped with each tap of the joystick. 

User Feedback

what me and my friends do is go over from survival and when it hits wilderness just before it goes to endless go over to survival with the joystick and it should work, if not do it a few times, it takes practice. 

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