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Game Crash upon Loading Into a World

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When loading into a local, private, or public world, if the player is in an area with large quantities of skinned items there is a very high chance of crashing. The textures on skinned items also distort and warp with strange random colors along with ridged square shapes. This also happens in the main menu when opening gifts, though this is negligible as it does not cause the game to crash. Failure to load in these objects also happens if the player attempts to walk into the area that was previously unloaded. It can happen to unskinned items but the frequency of it happening is much less.

Steps to Reproduce

Extremely easy to replicate if loading into an area with skinned structures and objects via startup or walking into an unloaded area after startup. The attached images are what the game looked like upon loading in and immediately crashing and what it is supposed to look like after loading successfully.



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