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Crystalline Honeydome

sprunkly gortus
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I have linked my twitch account to my Klei account to receive rewards such as the Crystalline Honeydome for my profile. I know that my game account is also linked to my Klei account, because when I subscribed to the newsletter and purchased a skin with the bits it went through. When I got a notification that I had received the reward I couldn't find it in game. I can only assume that something didn't go through with Klei. Please look into it.

Steps to Reproduce

I am really not sure how this happened, but I'll explain as best I can

I followed the link from a channel I watch to link my accounts

I chose x-box as the platform to link and confirmed my information

I went into rewards and linked my twitch account hit confirm and made sure it was my account

I watched videos and recieved a notification that I had gotten all three items up for grabs, didn't find any, and wrote this

User Feedback

I am having the same thing happening to me, I received the twitch drops in my twitch notifications, but I’m not receiving it in game.

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