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Connectivity loss, login froze everything, stopped rowing

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1. I've been losing network connectivity every once in awhile (not a big deal I've just never had this happen before)

2. When I logged in to my world nothing would work (all buttons and menus) I had to use the Xbox button to close out the game

3. Today I was sailing around and my character would just stop rowing, I would have to move my character in order for me to start rowing again. It happened quite a lot and was really strange. All of these have been within the last few months. I sent a bug report in-game but didn't add my email (just learned about it) should I send another? 

Thank you I've never had any problems with this game, the first one I encountered was the slow attack issue

Steps to Reproduce

the first one just happens randomly, I'm not sure the cause

The second happened when I was just trying to load one of my worlds

The last one happened when I was rowing around the waterlogged biome getting knobbly tree nuts

Like I've said these things have never happened before so I have no idea what could be causing them or how to recreate them. I've had DST for a long while (1st my son's and now my own copy when he moved)

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