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Upon world creation, the game clock runs before host can enter the server.

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DST on Switch seems to drop the host in to the world two segments into the day, IF you're fast enough. The amount of time you spend in the Character Selection screen affects the time you are dropped into the world. If you're Indecisive about which character to use, what skin you want, or your Switch takes too long to load the character creation screen, you could be dropped in in the evening, at night, Day 2 or later!

This would be fine if i were a player joining someone's server. It's up to the host if he wants to pause the game and wait, or just play while you decide. But in the case of the host, there is no one to pause. Even if you are the fastest button pusher in the west, if the Switch takes too long to transition between the loading screen, character selection and the game world itself, your clock does not wait for you.

On PC, the game seems to drop me in at the beginning of the first segment, regardless of how long i spend in the character selection screen. I play with my family on Switch, and it feels like we have less time to prepare for night on the first day. It can be done, certainly, but if the world generates with grass too far away from the portal... Well, Charlie does not account for lost time and shows no mercy.

I realize that the Switch is behind on updates, and the Switch has hardware limitations, but is there a way you can make the clock wait until the host joins the world for the first time? 

Edit: After playing a bit more, I noticed the problem happens with screen transitions. Exiting the caves at the wrong time is very dangerous, because the loading screen delay gives the batilisk(s) ample time to whittle down 1/8th of your health.

Steps to Reproduce

As the host, create a new world. I'm not sure if changing world settings does anything, but if you cannot reproduce it, fiddle around with them, then create the world. Your milage may vary for the transition between loading screen and character creation.

Once you are in character selection, waste a few minutes. Select a character then back out and select another one, select skins, or just leave the switch running while you grab a quick glass of water. When you come back, start the game.

You should start at a much later point in time than usual.

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