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Time passes in world while writing on signs

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Was playing local coop when one player created a sign and named it during evening. When she saved the sign title, we were both dead and it was during night time...

Steps to Reproduce

Start crafting sign during evening, spend a modest amount of time typing, get dead.

User Feedback

This is not a bug per say, the game must go on as you type, however not being interrupted or being able to SEE issues while typing is an issue.

Interesting how you didn't get a crashed game while typing for so long. 

Most everyone else just simply has their game crash. 


Unsure if it's a bug, but not being able to tell if you are dying or still okay is hard to deal with when writing signs. 

I have started speedrunning sign typing...

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If you’re the host, it freezes and eventually kicks everyone else if you’re in a sign for too long. I’ve never had it crash on me when writing a sign, just a connection error and boot to main menu.

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