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The X-button on my nintendo switch doesn't work when trying to fix items like the lantern or the eye of terror mask. update: it works but not how it's supposed to and caused by auto pause..

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When i was trying to fix my lantern i found out that the X-button doesn't work when trying to fix, but it works on anything else.

Is anybody else having problems with this?

Steps to Reproduce

Pressing the X-button for trying to fix items.

User Feedback

I've gotten it to work with the "X" button by doing the following.

1.  Make sure lantern and bulb are in your inventory not in a backpack chest etc.

2.  take the bulb and move it over the lantern, then press the "X" button.

3.  Then press the right trigger or whatever button you have to pull up your inventory while auto-paused and it will fill it with one bulb.

4.  Worked for me both before and after the new patch.

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