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Split screen offline only?

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When we try to play split screen, the second player who joins can only join offline. We have a nintendo switch online family membership. The second player does have a Nintendo account attached to their profile, and because of the family membership, they have access to online play. Is this a bug or is split screen offline only?

Steps to Reproduce

Start DST on Switch, log in, have second player join in with their profile... Then they only show up offline

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User Feedback

Yeah mate this is a bug, it was happening to me also, the second player was always offline...


You can fix it while Klei work on this, you only need yo start the game using that second account, then the Terms and Conditions modal will show up and you have to accept it.


After that you can leave the game and start it as usual, that second account should be able to login :)

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Thanks for the assist. That did get us working, but hopefully Klei can make it so the terms and conditions will prompt for any second player logging in for the first time

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