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Archive Disappears

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After a game crashed, I found that the game archive has been emptied, while the recipes and unlocked skin in the recent game still exist

Steps to Reproduce

The most serious bug in any game.

I have nintendo membership,and the cloud archive of the game is enabled by default.

I created an online world and an offline world, both of them were played by single player for a period of time.

In this morning, I exited the world normally and returned to the main interface,but did not close the game. Then I went out, with my game console , until I came home at night and reconnected to the Internet. The game crashed when I tried to enter it,and when I logged in to the game again, I found that the game archive has been emptied.

The nintendo cloud archive didn't raise error log and I also kept records of recipes in the recent game.

I don't know whether this is the cloud archive damage caused by the network or the archive loss caused by the crash of the game itself. Since I bought the game, I often played offline, there was no problem of losing the archive.

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