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Year of Catcoon: Missing Kitcoons

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Unclear if this is a true bug or one off occurrence.
I currently have the year of Catcoon event on and believe both the swamp and forest kitcoons are completely missing. I have only found them by means of Ticoons, so no chance on them being found prior and abandoned. I have scavenged all areas of my world solo and am unable to find either of these. When summoning a Ticoon at the shrine my character states there is nothing left to find, despite missing these two kitcoons and the “final” kitcoon you receive after finding all of the “base” ones. 

Toggling the event to “default” launching and closing the world, and re toggling to “always” did not fix this issue. 

Steps to Reproduce

Summon ticoon(s) on dst PS4 fully updated version and attempt to locate kitcoons 

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