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Woodie beaver form (bugged)

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1. When I chop trees down to turn into the super strength beaver, woodie turns before wood meter reaches zero.

2. The beaver's health meter is not the wood meter (doesn't decrease or increase as the beaver runs around like in main don't starve game); takes massive damage from heart meter like in human form.

3. When the beaver eats wood, it is so slow, feels like he is using an axe to chop a tree. When the wood meter is filled up, I turn back into human form. That's odd.

4. When woodie turns into the beaver, sanity decreases at a rapid rate. That's ridiculous, reaching zero.

Steps to Reproduce
Just started chopping trees to become the beaver. Maybe send an update because it is not like the original game, that's for sure.

User Feedback

those are the changes they made to woodie for don't starve together. 

In Don't Starve Together, Beaver Woodie has a lot of different behaviors:

  • While in human form, you'll still see a Log Meter (LM). Apart from the usual full moon event, beaver form will also starts when that LM drops below 25. In order to avoid mutation you can replenish the LM while in human form by eating logs, twigs and cut grass. LM drops slowly over time and with every swing of an axe. Lucy (the special axe) will give you regular warnings of your current state.
  • Should you turn into beaver form, in order to turn back in human form, you'll have to fill the LM at max (100). LM fills with every "Gnaw" (bite) on everything that allows it in addition to the usual items (eating logs, twigs and cut grass).
  • Turning into beaver form will cause an extremely fast drop in sanity.
  • If turned into beaver during a full moon, the LM will have a quite strong negative aura (in addition to the sanity one). This makes turning back to human more difficult, requiring more gnawing or eating.
  • If at any point during beaver form your LM drops to 0, you'll start losing life (see below).
  • Receiving damage in beaver form will still lower your LIFE (not the log meter as it was in Don't Starve). So reaching 0 life while in beaver form will cause the death of the player and will turn the player into a beaver ghost. If resurrected by any means the player will continue to stay in beaver form until the LM is replenished.
  • During winter, beaver Woodie does suffer cold after a while in beaver form. He just has a higher insulation, which is good for about 5 minutes, but you'll get cold eventually.
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