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Walter's Slingshot Inventory Bug: PS4

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There's this new bug on the PS4 with Walter, and may have been the case ever since the new crafting HUD update was released.

The quick crafting HUD tabs (not the actual crafting menu mind you,) interferes with Walter's Slingshot when equipped. Usually you'd press up on the joystick and it would move to the quick crafting HUD, which is fine.

But whenever you have the slingshot equipped, this no longer becomes the case. Because instead, you'd only be able to push up, and the system automatically lock's onto the slingshot ammo slot. It just gets stuck there, until your press down on the joystick

Meaning you have to move the joystick all the way to the left of your inventory to access the quick crafting tabs (or unequipped Walter's slingshot). This has gotten me killed a few times now with Charlie, 'cause the inventory system was buggy and made it very difficult to quickly craft the torch.

Hopefully there is something that can be done to fix this.


Steps to Reproduce
  • Allow the system to continue upwards to the quick crafting tab(s), but also let it access Walter's ammo as well
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