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Server not responding when entering caves

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Any time I try to enter a cave in any server other than my own, the loading screen stays up for quite a while and then I get a message that says the server is not responding and I get kicked from the server. I have never been able to enter any caves in any server other than my own. I tried deleting the game from my PS4 and reinstalling it which didn’t work. I went out and purchased an actual physical copy of the game, and that didn’t work. Love the game but really sucks that a huge piece if the game is not available for me. 

Steps to Reproduce
Enter a server that is not my own and try to enter the cave.

User Feedback

I have the same issue disgusting that every single player on PS4 is experiencing the same. Every server I join, some are even called ‘broken caves’ and yet this is still not fixed. Or even acknowledged by the devs with no information.

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