LUA Error Autocleanup

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PS4 Error that occurred during a fight with the goosemoose.
After the first crash tried to play again with similar conditions but it crashed again so i snapped the pic.


Steps to Reproduce
Played several hours explored much of the world set up a camp  found a goose moose close to my camp  lured it to some beefalo it kills the beefalo a few seconds after CRASH.

User Feedback


I have the same error. Reliably happens about 5 seconds after I load. The Goose Goose is one screen away, I think it has something to do with that? I'm on day 2-76 and about to go to world #3, hope I don't have to start over...


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.... ....

Same here


mooseegg lua error 123 automatic cleanup

when Goose/Goose nearby. Crash happened twice when aproaching Goose/Goose location – I could even see it.

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