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Glommer disappeared in my world (PS4)

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Hi, on one of my worlds, Glommer is missing and I can't find him. I'm not sure when I lost him, but it was around day 1000-ish. My world is around day 2900. His flower is red, so he should be alive.I pretty much tried everything. I tried using wormholes, lazy deserters, putting the flower next to eye plants, putting it in a backpack for Krampus to steal, waiting for full moon next to his statue, destroying a boat with the flower on it, going into the caves, burning the flower, giving it to someone and asking them to leave and re-join. I'm not sure if I missed anything, but I really miss my glommer. Am I just screwed or is there anything I can do? I'm on PS4, so I can't spawn him in or anything. Sorry for the long description, but hopefully there's something I can do to get him back.

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I'm not sure how it happened, but I do know I logged in one day and he was gone.

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