Game Crashing

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Not sure what is causing my game to crash but the ending of the logs always has.

Other players in the server do not crash so not sure if it is because I am playing as Wolfgang.


[00:00:51]: Could not find anim build FROMNUM
[00:00:51]: Could not find anim build FROMNUM
[00:00:51]: Movement prediction enabled    
[00:00:51]: Could not find anim [anim] in bank [sanity2]
[00:00:51]: Deserializing tile data (425 x 425)
[00:00:51]: Serializing user: session/1DFF1DF0EBEC28AA/A7MPCV9RQNAN/0000000001
[00:00:58]: Assert failure 'mFreeConstantIdx + num_floats <= MAX_NUM_FLOATS' at c:\dst-jobs\workspace\dst_buildgame_windows\source\renderlib\ShaderConstantSet.h(258): Trace follows...


Steps to Reproduce
Crash was happening couple seconds after loading into the server

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