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I’m hosting a world and my friend keeps getting kicked whenever she tries to get into the caves. After this, she can’t connect to my world at all. I can join her world just fine.

Steps to Reproduce
Entered caves on my world. She went afterwards. She attempts to rejoin after getting disconnected.
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I've have this issue as well. When I entered a cave in a friend's session on ps4 I got disconnected and get disconnected every time I try to join this session. Also for some reason they're not shown as a friend in the game so I get denied 'friends only' sessions as well

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I have the same problem.  I start the server, I and the player who plays with me on a split screen can enter the caves, but the friend who plays with us on the network can’t, the server disconnects. But he can again enter my world. As far as I understand this error is often found at the moment.  No solution found yet

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