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Hello. I recently purchased DST (PS4) and have noticed minor differences compared to the original don’t starve. The main issue is input lag and delay. I am playing an offline mode and I’ve noticed the buttons to attack or pick or do anything besides walk will not register until I come to a complete stop. If I am holding the move stick in any direction I cannot attack/pick/etc. until I stop. I feel the previous versions of don’t starve (Original/Shipwrecked) did not have this issue as the attack button or pick button would take priority over walking when hit and once the animation was complete I would continue to go in the direction I was moving to. It makes kiting enemies extremely difficult as well as picking items. 

Steps to Reproduce
On console when moving try to attack without letting go of the movement stick. In previous Don’t Starves you could hold the movement stick in any direction and still be able to attack. In DST you must completely let go of the movement stick in order for your attack input to register. Please make other inputs take priority of movement.

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