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Yellow Alert causes dupes to ignore personal schedule

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When setting yellow alert priority on a piece of work, such as digging or building, dupes ignore their personal task schedules.

Previously this only happened in red alert work mode, and is clearly a bug. There is no practical difference between yellow alert and red alert now as far as I can tell now. Yellow alert is basically useless now, compared to what it used to be.

Please make dupes follow their schedules while in yellow alert again.

I am on version U39-490405-50.

Edit: I'll add quickly, in case someone wonders "why does that matter?": It causes a yellow alert order for a mid-sized or larger build to go from what was previously a fairly safe thing to do, into something that has very high odds of starving your dupes to death if they happen to start it with a low calorie status or if the job takes more than 1-2 cycles. Yellow alert used to be a very convenient "quickly finish this so I can plan the next stage of the build" button.

Steps to Reproduce

Create a large dig order at priority yellow alert, wait for dupes to ignore their work schedule.

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User Feedback

I sort of agree. Definitely agree on the part about starving dupes to death, as I've done that once while trying to complete a larger build. The only difference between those alerts now is Red Alert keeps dupes working on everything until you turn it off, while Yellow Alert is set on specific tasks and can end on its own, if set on completable errands.

Personally, I never use the Red Alert, so I'd be fine with removing a global Red Alert and making new Red Alert work like the Yellow Alert is working now, while restoring Yellow Alert to its previous schedule-adhering version.

I'd guess some people might be using the current Red Alert, though, so I think a better solution would be to keep the Yellow Alert the way it is right now and add another special priority alert (Green Alert, or make it Yellow and change the current Yellow to Orange, the name isn't important) that would work like Yellow Alert used to.

Either way, I agree with you that a non-schedule-ignoring version of Yellow Alert is useful and it would be great to have it back.

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Hey admins, this post has been "pending" for a month now.  Is it just going to be completely ignored unless I bump it constantly?

The solution is really very simple, instead of having just "yellow alert" and "red alert" be the same thing, make "yellow alert" just put tasks above regular tasks, but below personal tasks. "Red alert" just means "personal tasks are ignored until red alert is over".

As far as I remember this is how Oxygen Not Included used to work, and it's a very elegant system.

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After investigating another issue I now think this bug report is incorrect.  What I thought I was seeing here was actually caused by a different bug, reported in 

The bug report thread I'm writing this comment in right now can be closed, there's no bug to fix here.

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