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Water disappearing in closed loop water sieve + sink setup

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In two separate savegames, I have experienced an odd occurrence of water disappearing from a closed loop setup containing only a few sinks and a water sieve. As far as I'm aware, there shouldn't be any water loss in this system, as the listed input and output ratios for sinks and sieves alike are 1:1. 

The behavior is frequent enough that the amount of water available in such a closed loop decreases notably from one cycle to the next, although I haven't been able to completely isolate what causes it.
I had an assumption that it occurs either while liquids are moving through pipes elsewhere on the map, or maybe while sinks/sieves/toilets are being used on a separate pipe system, while either the offending sink(s) or sieve were active, but after further testing, it seems to happen even being the only active pipe system. 

Maybe the sinks delete (a portion of the) polluted water passing over their outputs when connected in series?
Maybe it occurs only while the simulation is running at 3x speed?
Maybe it occurs in any closed loop containing sieves, e.g. the trusty carbon skimmer + sieve combo. 
Haven't had the time to test any of these possibilities. 

The amount of water that is removed seems variable (perhaps) depending on the usage of the system.
With 2-3 sinks in use more or less constantly, I am experiencing between 5 to 16kg of water unaccounted for per cycle. 

Steps to Reproduce

Load attached save file.
Note the amount of water available in the closed-loop pipe system on the left. (On load, the downstream side of the sieve should have 10kg/segment, except for the first five segments which are empty. The sinks already contain water, the sieve contains none. In total, this closed-loop system contains 190kgs of water). 
Let the simulation run while the dupes move germy water and repeatedly wash their hands. 

After having the dupes carry out their sisyphean task for a while (preferably a cycle or longer);
1: Restrict access to the room containing the bottle emptiers,
2: Let the dupes clear out and wait for the sieve to process the water.
3: Be amazed at how the amount of liquid available in the closed loop system is somehow no longer consistent with the initial amount, even accounting for the contents of the sieve. 

Thirsty Sinks.sav

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Playing around with meter valves and sinks in parallel rather than in series, I have found that: 

The discrepancy in mass occurs regardless of whether the output of sinks are in series or in parallel. Thus mass deletion from liquids passing over the output port at the same instance the sink is outputting is not the issue. 

The discrepancy occurs regardless of the occurrence of a sieve in the pipe system. The sinks themselves are where the magic happens here. Whether this extends to other entities that output piped products, whether it is all entities producing polluted water from water (such as washbasins) or if it is entirely isolated to sinks, I'm unsure. 

I set up a new parallel row of sinks and placed meter valves before and after their combined in- and outputs. 500kgs was let into the system (on demand) and, at time of emptying the pipes, the outbound meter valve - accounting for the mass remaining in the sinks - was still short by 50 to 80kg, 10% - 16%of the total mass used in the test, which I'd say is significant. 

I'm attaching another save file containing the test setup that I have described above. 150kgs have already run through into the system at load, but as you can see, the system is at rest and has not yet been used. The 150kg should add up to 12 segments of pipe and 3 sinks each holding 10kg. 

From what I can tell, it doesn't occur at 1x speed. 3x speed reproduces it fairly reliably (on my machine, at least). I'm not sure what that means, though. Is my computer just too weak for ONI? 

Thirsty Sinks exhibit b.sav

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There is a germ in the clean water that is transformed and the water multiplies thanks to the toilets and the system is clogged.

Make your pipes like this and use the main line.



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Hey there, HagenAizen! Thank you for your feedback. I think, some misunderstanding is happening somewhere, because the exact issue I'm describing is something I'm observing on the loop on the left. The sinks are outputting less polluted water than the amount of clean water they are consuming. 

If you load up the savegame I attached to the comment above yours, you'll see that the sinks are connected in the way you suggest, yet the problem persists. They output less water than they consume - over time, the amount of water in the system to the left will eventually become so low that the pipes will become empty and the sinks no longer function. Please note, this is not the system on the right where there is an accumulation of water due to the toilets; this is something that occurs in the loop to the left, which should not have any way of decreasing the total amount of water available in the system, regardless of the sinks being on a single line (in series) or offset from the supply line like you suggest (what I referred to previously as being connected in parallel). 
So, while your advice is welcome, it doesn't solve the issue I'm having. Thank you for taking the time to leave a reply. :)

I'm attaching some photos to better illustrate the bug I am experiencing.


This loop contains three sinks and a water sieve. No liquid vents or anywhere for the liquid to go other than to these entities. 
As you can see, the water sieve contains no liquid at the time of this screenshot. The sinks are all full (I even included yet another save file if you want to double check my assumptions for yourself).

After around half a cycle has elapsed of the dupes washing their hands repeatedly, this is what the level of water has decreased to - we're missing two full pipe segments' worth of water and then some.
Note that the pipes from the sinks to the sieve are empty. The sieve doesn't (and couldn't, due to the size of its' internal reservoir) contain the water that is missing from the system. 

Eventually, the pipe loop will lose water to the point of sinks no longer working. 
Where does it all go? I have no idea, but based on other tests, the sinks are working their magic here, as it occurs regardless of the sieve being there or not. 

I hope the added screenshots help get my point across in case my words fail me. 

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On 4/17/2023 at 6:26 PM, LetMeSearch said:

Thank you! I'm glad it's not (only) an issue on my end. 

The sinks are problematic. I still don't understand why it hasn't been fixed.

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Changed Status to Fixed

Thank you for the report, it will be fixed in the next update.

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