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Temporal Tear Opener - "No Line of Sight" caused by inconsistent amounts of gas

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I have the Temporal Tear Opener exposed to 5 tiles of space, but it's closed itself with a "No Line of Sight" message. Only thing from from the ground of the opener to space are heavy insulated wires and ladders.

It actually was working just fine for a couple of cycles, and then seemingly randomly decided the line of sight was blocked again. I loaded an autosave from a couple of cycles when it was still open, and it worked for a while only to close again after I managed to charge it by 2%.

I eventually figured out that it had something to do with the amount of gas above the opener.

I assume this is a bug because there's absolutely nothing in the game indicating a certain amount of any gas can block LoS, and I don't recall it ever being an issue with telescopes. But I also usually have my telescopes in a vacuum anyways, so I guess I'd be far less likely to encounter this issue that way.

If this is intended, please please change it or at least add some text to the opener making it clear that a near-vacuum is needed. I spent way too much time trying to figure out that apparently some amount of tiles having some amount of gas between 2200mg and 900g can block line of sight.

1000kg in a 5x1 box = clear of sight :dejection:


~2200mg Chlorine = clear line of sight


~900g of carbon dioxide across about 23 tiles of height = no line of sight :confused:


Couple of extra screenshots showing no solid buildings in a 5-tile-wide path above the opener



The Burgeoning Timeline.sav

Steps to Reproduce

As best as I can tell, a 5-wide 23-high area of roughly 900g of gas above the opener blocks its line of sight. Here's what I could figure out using sandbox mode. I found that replacing surrounding carbon dioxide with vacuum caused it to open. Even though ~2000mg of chlorine immediately filled the vacuum, it remained open.

But I am almost certain it's not intended that gas blocks line of sight, because I messed around in sandbox mode, and the amount per tile that can block it is super inconsistent:

- A 5x1 (5 wide 1 high) glass box of 1000kg (!) of gas does not block line of sight.

- A 5x2 glass box of 3600g of gas above the opener with the rest of the space being a vacuum does not block line of sight.

- A 5x11 glass box of 900g of gas does block line of sight.

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