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Teleported, suffocating dupe exits teleporter to catch breath before teleportation completes

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Marie, when teleported from Smelloni to Nisora, may have been left in the teleporter a little too long because I thought it would automatically go on its own. Whoops.

She paused to catch her breath before the teleporter finished, I was able to select her and move her, and then she went back to the teleporter receiver to... finish being teleported?

Video attached.

Steps to Reproduce

From the attached save file:


- Assign the teleporter to Marie

- Let her suffocate a little (I couldn't reproduce it if she wasn't suffocating, but at least one time that it happened the Suffocating!! warning didn't pop up)

- Teleport her to Nisora

The Happy Moonbase Cycle 8.sav

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