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Spacefarer modules input port buffer exchanging heat

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There is 1 pipe-segments worth of storage assocated with the input ports to spacefarer modules/nosecones. The contents of this storage is exchanging heat at the bottom-middle tiles of the module - and will be ejected if a state transition occurs (the contents will spawn at the middle bottom tile). This feels ununtuitive for a few reasons:

- The module itself does not exchange heat with the environment

- This storage is hidden from the player

- The contents of other rocketry based ports, such as the linked rocket port loaders, do not exchange heat with their storage.

In normal gameplay result in seemingly random bursts of steam coming out of a module, which can be confusing due to the lack of burst pipes (which contents are likely well below vapourization temperatures if more insulating materials are used).

The 2 storage components created for these modules don't appear to have any default StoredItemModifiers applied, it feels like `Insulate` should be applied to them at the very least (based on a quick glance at HabitatModuleSmallConfig & HabitatModuleMediumConfig).



Steps to Reproduce

The attached save file has an setup that will replicate the issue:

 - The top module has steam piped through the gas input port, with supercoolant in contact with the heat exchanging tile, observe that the steam is condensing and being ejected from the module.

 - The bottom module has water piped through the liquid input port, with magma in contact with the heat exchanging tile, observe that the water is vapourizing to steam and being ejected from the module.

To reproduce without the save file:

  1. Create a spacefarer module, and pipe a liquid into the input port
  2. Add a hot/cold medium to the bottom-middle tile to exchange temperature with the stored liquid, eventually 10KG of the input liquid type will vapourize/freeze, being ejected from the bottom-middle tile.

Spacefarer Port Storage HE.sav

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