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Spacefarer module / door crash (repeatable)

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Crash with some sort of missing door interaction. (was trying to control dupe leaving into hot exhaust... did not work... they used the spacefarer door through the pneumatic door... tried to deconstruct the ineffective inside door and crash.


I vaguely remember seeing something like this but could not find anything in a search... so if a known bug please disregard.


Game crashes (unexpected black hole)


I can submit my save file but it is a late game so rather large so figured I would post first.

Steps to Reproduce

Inside spacefarer module build a pneumatic door in the first tile (overlapping exit door). 

Delete door.

Change rocket to crew... when dupe attempts to enter -> crash

Reproduced with no mods active.  Rocket built while pliers fixed and bigger camera zoom out were active (likely not important but in case).

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