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Solid nuclear waste stops exchanging heat

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I have been experimenting with nuclear waste, using the difference in specific heat capacity between liquid nuclear waste and nuclear fallout to produce a cooling effect, and I have noticed that over time a bunch of little packets of cold solid nuclear waste just end up sitting on the ground doing nothing. Even while sitting on a metal tile and submerged in magma. If I delete the tile below them so they fall (I'm playing in sandbox) they still don't react, however they will start to react again once they are swept and moved somewhere else.


Steps to Reproduce

Arrange a very cold medium above a very hot medium in a vacuum and introduce nuclear waste.
In this case I am using an aqua tuner loop cooling metal tiles with super coolant above a sea of magma, but this specific setup is not important as I have noticed the same issue in several somewhat varied types of experiments. In all cases though, nuclear fallout basically flash freezing to solid waste produces solid waste packets that don't change temp until they're swept.

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I think that's a problem with all solids. In my previous game I had this problem with ice and polluted ice, where tiny amounts (mg) were sitting in a hot liquid tank and didn't heat up.

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