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Screen Hotkey issues

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

Using the CTRL+1 through CTRL+0 hotkeys to set a screen-position hotkey on one asteroid and using the corresponding SHIFT+1 through SHIFT+0 hotkeys on a different one do not work as expected.

Admittedly, it's not immediately clear if these hotkeys should be asteroid-specific in the future or unique across all of them, but I'm pretty sure the current behavior is unintended.

Example #1:  a position on the first asteroid

CTRL+0 was used to save this screen position on my first asteroid, "Smellito".


A map overview (thanks to ALT+S):


Using SHIFT+0 on my second asteroid, "Ottista":


If I press SHIFT+0 in ALT+S mode, the view will be centered far, far off-screen.  The image below is what I saw on my best attempt to keep the mouse cursor at the exact center that results from ALT+S -> SHIFT+0, then zooming out until the actual map is in view.  (No intentional left-right or up-down scrolling.)



Example 2: a position on the second asteroid

CTRL+1 was used here on my second asteroid, "Ottista".


A zoomed-out map of "Ottista":


The result of using SHIFT+0 on the first asteroid, "Smellito":


Comparing this against Smellito's map, this is just above the edge of the... uh... "cooled magma" (?) biome on the starting asteroid, near the bottom-right corner.

Using ALT+S -> SHIFT+1, centering the cursor and then zooming out (like before):


One more fun thing:  this time, I dropped ALT+S while zoomed out and noticed something quite interesting.  This is from very shortly after a file reload, before all the notifications stabilize:


There are small notification symbols visible in the blacked-out area... and they line up with those from the second base!


The attached save file has these hotkeys set, so feel free to verify the behavior for yourselves.

Simple Outpost.sav

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Have a base on at least two in-game asteroids / maps.
  2. Use CTRL+1 to set a hotkey on one asteroid / map.
  3. Swap to a different in-game asteroid / map.
  4. Use SHIFT+1 in an attempt to shift your view to the saved screen-position hotkey.
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User Feedback

I have also seen this bug happen. It feels natural, as a gamer, to assume that the CTRL/SHFT+[number] hotkeys should be asteroid specific. Or, if not, the hotkey should transport to the right asteroid.

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