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Rocket trip distance is calculated incorrectly

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Petroleum rockets seem to have their available range listed 1 tile less than it should be (most of the time?). On the attached screenshot the rocket says "range remaining: 6 tiles", but trip distance is only available 5/5.


Note that the correct value should be indeed 6 tiles (540 fuel, 90 fuel per tile), see another attached screenshot.image.png.137fcb11aeddfe6f0d67095f9f7d64db.pnghen 


Quite dangerously, sometimes a rocket might say that it has N remaining tiles, its trip distance says x/N. Then the rocket moves one tile, it says Range remaining: now says N-1, but the trip distance says x-1/N-2. This means that a rocket might no longer have enough range for a return trip, because it has lost one tile of trip distance, and it's the value that actually matters from the gameplay perspective.

Note that most rockets are affected, but not all. Here's an example of another petroleum rocket that seems to list its distance correctly:


Steps to Reproduce

Not sure exactly, but seems to affect petroleum engines that use oxylite as oxidizer and petroleum as fuel. I use 2x petroleum tanks and 2x small solid oxidizer containers. Save file attached.


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