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Rocket landing bug

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Same as here.

2nd time in a row that a rocket is stuck between space and land. Technically, the rocket travel to a planetoid with a landpad then land but I cant see it on the plateform. I had to go back to orbit then land manually with the landpad. It never happened to me before despite having made a lot of similar rocket flight.

I dont know if the statement made by JShepherd is true (clicking on spacemap after launching causing the bug), but the symptoms seem similar.

Steps to Reproduce

Use the save attached. The rocket is stuck.

By the way on this save if u try to go back to orbit, then land manually, the dupe inside will go out with 500kcal. If u put him next to some food expecting him to eat, you will be disapointed because he will vomit one time. Then a second time. Then a third time. Then a fourth time. And die. Without being able to eat.

Bug report rocket landing.sav

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