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Rocket fuel caculation problem for looping toggle

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When I checked about the automation signal of rocket platform,

I think It does not calculate required fuel mass properly.


For image 001, I made a looping travel course which needs at least 50 kg of CO2.

001_Toggle looping.jpg


However my rocket platform in image 002, It accept rocket launch just for 34 kg of CO2. (Even if rocket shows "partially fueled" state in image 003)


002_Platform Signal.jpg

003_even it shows partially fueled state.jpg


Maybe the platform calculate needed fuel just for one-way regardless of looping toggle function.

I know It shows warning(The rocket can still be launched if necessary).

However I think the output port should regard the looping condition to use automatic deploy function of orbital cargo.


My suggestion:

Platform automation output regard the rocket looping condition to check enough fuel as twice for one-way travel.

But It could be launched by external automation signal in the insufficient fueled state.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Build a rocket

2. Choose a destination with looping toggle

3. Connect between automation ports(input and output) directly

4. Then, rocket gonna be launched even if it has not enough fuel for return.

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