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"Relieve Self" is higher priority personal task than "Eat"

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Dupes will prioritize "Relieve Self" over "Eat". This is a severe issue for two reasons:

#1 It will cause constant "Starvation" warnings as dupes with ready access to food decide to go to the bathroom instead of eating, which severely degrades the user experience by flooding the user with a steady stream of false !!! alerts. When a real !!! alert comes along it has a high chance of getting ignore as the player is accustomed to constant !!! alerts that have no real relevance.

#2 It causes dupes to die if there is ever a time crunch or unexpected delay, as they choose a task that avoids a potential mess instead of a task that avoids potential death.

For an example, see the attached pic. Travaldo is at "Starvation" level but still chooses the bathroom over eating, despite ready access to food.

Preferred outcome:

"Eat" should always be a higher priority personal task than any other personal task that isn't life-or-death.


Steps to Reproduce

No special steps necessary.

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