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Recurring crashes since U50

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Since the update U50  I experience regular crashes. To make sure it isn't connected to mods I deactivated all mods and still can't pass a few cycles without the game crashing. It appears to be connected to the auto save/cycle turn.

The crashes aren't deterministic so playing from the last auto save might work for a couple of dozen cycles or it crashes just two cycles later.

The memory check came clean and Windows 11 was freshly installed from the Microsoft Boot Medium Tool. Other games like Rimworld in scenarios when the framerate comes to crawl because of too many critters/pawn don't crash. So I assume it's somehow more connected to ONI than my system.

As you can see the log files get horrendously large with logging the same exception over and over again.

The crash message:


The save game is attached.

Maybe an irrelevant detail my save game folder contains 12GB.

Steps to Reproduce

let the game for some time

DxDiag.txt Sticky Planet Cycle 170.sav

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