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Random crashes during gameply

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At random times my game will crash. I have tried multiple new saves, reinstalled the game, verified files on Steam, run steam as administrator, uninstall and reinstall C++ redistributable 2015 x64, Run the game in compatibility mode, multiple restarts.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I only recently purchased the game and am just now getting the hang of early game.


Steps to Reproduce

No specific steps, crashes appear to be random.

User Feedback

@Axmantim I looked at the crash dump you provided and it looks like you need to fix up your graphics drivers. It is crashing nvwgf2umx.dll.

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I greatly appreciate the suggestion, but unfortunately I'm on the latest driver offered by gigabyte, and using the latest from NVIDIA still results in crashing. It is a 3080 12GB so it's a fairly new card. I will try some more troubleshooting with the GPU this weekend.

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