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Radiation does not kill germs inside liquid pipes.

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It is an intended mechanic that germs on surfaces exposed to radiation will rapidly die off. However, there is seemingly an oversight such that when piping germy water through a highly radioactive area, the germs remain in the water.

This is confusing in its inconsistency, and causes logistical issues (e.g. I do not have space or circuit load to vent water out into a tile and then pump it back into the pipe system just to kill the germs.) 

Steps to Reproduce

Take germy water (e.g. from your lavatory system; it should have loads) and route its pipes through an area with high amounts of radiation, such as radbolt generator rooms. Monitor the germ count of the water inside the pipes.

User Feedback

This is by design. You can pump it into a reservoir, and disable the reservoir to prevent output (so the output pipe doesn't have germy water). Manually disabling it, or building it on top of a horizontal mechanical airlock and opening it will disable it. Radiation and chlorine will kill germs in a fluid in a reservoir.


Alternatively, you can build a looping system that passes germy fluid through full reservoirs constantly to dilute and kill the germs successively until it's clean and pull it off using a sensor+shutoff, or various other more advanced builds using pipe loops.

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