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Pacu hates seeds

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Some isusue when feeding pacu with seeds, feells like seed give too much calories for wild pacu and it forgoting to eat again in at least cycle, same time their counterparts fed with algae consuming 30-70 kg in intervals less than half of the cycle. Issue save-load resistant and not related to path finding.

Also, seems like seeds consumed by 0.13 kg, not as expected by 0.15 twice the cycle or 0.3 once per cycle, sometimes happen with tamed too.

Below save file on which i reproduced this after experiencing in live colony and which not long before buff ends on left group which is fed with seeds.

Additional info - pacu will eat seeds at half of sixth cycle when become hungry, so i suppose one portion fives too much calories for wild pacu.


рыбный тест 4.sav


Steps to Reproduce

feed pacu with seeds, after one cycle elapsed buff "Ate from Feeder" ends but pacu still not hungry, and not eating from fish feeder/

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