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Odd game stuttering/freezing combined with heavy SSD load spikes (Not during autosave)

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I've been experiencing some really terrible in game performance at about cycle 600. Ryzen 5 2600, corsair 16gb 2133 (mid tier for this game I know but it shouldn't be this bad this early). What is worrying me is that this game is absolutely throttling my ssd at 100% read speed, which corresponds EXACTLY to the mid-late game freezing. The freezing happens often, probably every 20-30 seconds making the game unbearable to play at the time of me finally writing a bug report.

The capped write speed is about 100MB/s on an SSD I have no ungodly idea (why that write speed is so low? Im going to check into this) how a game as small as this is pulling that much data off my SSD but wow, I can run the most cpu intensive games and nothing even close to this happens.

I have to ask why none of this data is loaded into RAM, the game is about 2GB in size total with about 7MB for the save file, my RAM use for this game maxes out at about ~1.5GB, I have 16GB total so why the game is choosing not to load it into RAM at launch/save load is beyond me, surely that would fix this problem.

Steps to Reproduce

The max size you can upload is 4.88MB and my save file is 7MB, is this intentional or..?

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I will note that his issue has been resolved, not a problem with ONI specifically. It was parasitic relationship between Opera browser faulty memory allocation (had like 200-300 subapplications open in the background even though the application was closed) and W10 OS failure to reallocate said memory resulting in the maximum allowable allocation, since the memory had been allocated W10 did the only thing it could and was basically running ONI in swap which was understandably a terrible experience.

Uninstalled Opera, restarted pc and ONI ran like buttery smooth silk. This one is on me.

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