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New asteroid is completely blank except for blueprint when I try to plant a rover or trailblazer.

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I sent a rocket with a CO2 engine, a scout rover module,  a trailblazer module and a solo spacefarer module. I try to deploy either the rover or the trailblazer and the new asteroid just looks like this: I was able to see the planet once, but then one of my dupes died and I closed the game. I came back to this, and this has happened 5 times before I was able to see the planet.image.thumb.png.b28e30a2a9a1fd3b29c7adedf14830ee.png


Steps to Reproduce

Build a rocket how I described, set a course to the 3rd planet you encounter(the one without a teleporter). When in orbit click deploy on either of the modules.

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