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Nearly no Thimble Reed in standard asteroid

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The generated word with ID V-SNDST-C-223618443-0 contains practically no thimble reed except in the used patterns for vents or the POIs.
I think I was able to count 5 in total with the debug mode, the "patterns" excluded.

It seems to be significantly less than what I would have expected and what I've seen in the past.





Steps to Reproduce

Generate fresh world with seed V-SNDST-C-223618443-0, use debug tools to reveal thimble reed.

User Feedback

To be fair 1 thimble reed seed turns into about a million in just a few cycles. I generally start running just 2 or 4 early on and never seem to run low on fiber at later cycles.

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This is true but I had to core out half of the map to find the first one ;)

I just found the difference to the past wordgens too significant to not report.

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